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Girl Is Considering Buying the Abortion Pill Online

Buying the Abortion Pill Online – What you Need to Know

There are a lot of questions we hear at Your Options Medical surrounding abortion:

“Can I Order the Abortion Pill Online?”

“How much does an abortion cost?”

“Will my insurance cover abortion?”

“Can I get the abortion pill mailed to my house?”

Four Steps Needed Prior to Abortion

You should know that there are four key steps to take prior to an abortion. You don’t ever want to put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Mail-Order Abortion Pills

There is a growing trend you need to be aware of as your health and safety could be at risk. It’s called mail-order abortion pills.

If you are looking to get the abortion pill please be aware that some companies are trying to mail the abortion pill through an online site. This is not recommended and is actually illegal. Any type of medical procedure or prescription medication must be done under the supervision of a doctor. Currently, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is fighting against the illegal sale of the abortion pill as it cannot be regulated when purchased online and shipped directly to an individual’s address. This allows companies to bypass safety regulations that are in place to protect your health and safety. Some of these companies are not even based in the United States; therefore, you have no way of knowing that the drugs actually contain what you think they contain.

Companies make this form of abortion look appealing by marketing it as a “self-managed” abortion and you never have to leave your house. However, these are powerful drugs that should be prescribed by a licensed doctor. Consider this: How is it good medical care to enter some information into a computer, never speak to someone, and take a powerful drug without knowing the actual procedure, risk, and side effects? It is not. This is not good medical care.

These companies are targeting you! Not because they care about you and your convenience, but because they want to make money. They see you as a dollar sign and nothing more.

Prior to taking the abortion pill, you need to have an ultrasound as this is the best way to determine how far along you are. The abortion pill cannot be taken after 10 weeks so you will need to first have an ultrasound to ensure you are under the 10-week mark. Some women have bleeding during pregnancy. You may have mistaken implantation bleeding for a period and be further along than you thought. You may also have an abnormal pregnancy (ectopic or molar) or you could be miscarrying. It is crucial to get the facts, your health and safety depend upon it.

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