Dating, Sex, and Security

Okay, y’all it’s about to get real. We’ve all heard the lectures on “Abstinence only” and “Just say no,” right? We get it. But let’s agree to be completely open and honest with each other: Dating is entertaining. Sex is...Continued

Summer Must-See Flicks

I am not only a huge bookworm; I am also a massive movie-buff. There’s nothing like seeing a book come to life on the big-screen or seeing the next exciting installment in your favorite series. And with Summer giving us...Continued

Top TV Shows to Check Out Before Summer Ends!

It’s the month of August and Summer 2018 is -- sadly -- quickly coming to an end. However, Fall doesn’t only mean the beginning of a new school year; it also means some of our favorite TV Shows are coming...Continued

Summer Must-Reads

Since Summer is officially here, we thought it helpful to compile a list of great reads for you to sit down and read during the season. After all, sometimes there’s nothing better than laying on the warm sand at the...Continued

I Think I’m Pregnant…Now What??

When you first see that positive result on a pregnancy test your mind and emotions may be all over the place:             “I didn’t want this!”                       “I can’t afford a baby right now.”             “I have to finish school.”              “I...Continued

Beach Day Essentials

Who doesn’t love a good beach day? The salty wind in your hair, the warm sand between your toes, and the sun shining bright. There is nothing better than a good, long day at the beach chillin’ with friends and...Continued

The Power of a Hug

Did you know that newborn babies literally cannot survive without being held or hugged? The impact physical touch has on newborn babies is quite astounding and leads us to see that there is power in a loving hug. Sometime throughout...Continued

Just for Giggles

If you know me, you know I love to laugh. And when I say I love to laugh, I mean I love to laugh. And it doesn’t take a whole lot to make me laugh, since I am very easily...Continued

Happy Spring!

If you are like me, you LOVE the first day of spring! I am all about the snow during winter, but once that day in March arrives that summons in the springtime season I am all about cool, rainy days...Continued

November 2017

unplanned pregnancy I was pregnant at 16, a sophomore in high school. My mom was raising me on her own, working as hard as she could to put food on the table. I had just ended an abusive relationship, filled with cheating...Continued