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Ultrasounds provide vital information in pregnancy that assists you and your providers in determining appropriate healthcare options for your unique situation. Receive a no-cost, limited ultrasound at Your Options Medical to assess the viability, location, and dating of your pregnancy.


You may still test positive on a urine or blood test while miscarrying as pregnancy hormones will still be in your system but most likely decreasing. A limited ultrasound determines if the pregnancy is growing with a detectable heartbeat or if you have miscarried. If you have naturally miscarried, there may be no need for chemical or surgical intervention.


How long you have been pregnant is essential in weighing the pregnancy options available to you. You can ensure your safety by determining how far along you are and what type of procedure you qualify for.

Chemical abortion (also called the abortion pill) is FDA-approved for use only up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is beyond 10 weeks, you will not be eligible for a chemical abortion.


Limited ultrasound also provides crucial information on the location of the pregnancy. With a life-threatening condition called an ectopic pregnancy, an embryo implants outside of a woman’s uterus, most often in her fallopian tubes.

An ectopic pregnancy must be diagnosed immediately and requires intervention to remove the pregnancy. However, neither chemical nor surgical abortion are effective treatments for ectopic pregnancy.

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