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What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in High School?

What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in High School?

If you have recently learned you are pregnant but are still in high school, you are likely feeling a lot of emotions. You may wonder how your family and friends will feel and whether you will have any help.

Your Options Medical understands these concerns; this can be a scary time. We provide medical services, telehealth appointments, and more. You will receive the confidential care you deserve at no cost to you.

Confirming Your Pregnancy

Taking an at-home test is not always enough to confirm your pregnancy. You may have received a false result, especially if the test was taken too early or incorrectly. 

Your Options Medical offers lab-quality pregnancy testing. You will receive the results during your appointment, and if your test is positive, you may be eligible for a limited ultrasound the same day. 

We provide limited ultrasounds to date your pregnancy (confirm how far along you are), determine its viability (whether it is progressing normally and if there is a heart beat) and location (if the pregnancy is within the uterus). This is the best medical practice for gathering accurate information about your pregnancy to help determine your next steps.

Once you have this information, you can share your pregnancy news with your partner, family, and friends. 

What Are the Next Steps?

It is best to be prepared for conversations you will want to have with loved ones. Confirming your pregnancy details with an ultrasound can answer their questions and you will be more prepared if you begin researching your options. 

Your partner or family may feel disappointed or angry about this pregnancy. They might even pressure you to make a specific decision. Remind them that this is your pregnancy–you can set firm boundaries and make the decision that is best for your situation. 

Your Options Medical has no-cost options counseling to help you weigh abortion, adoption, and parenting. You will receive information about each and determine which is best. We do not provide or refer for abortions, but you will get the facts on side effects and risks. We are also not an adoption agency or a prenatal clinic so we will focus on the pregnancy confirmation services and providing you with factual information on all three of your pregnancy options.

As you make a pregnancy decision, remember we are here for you. As a high school student, you may worry about discrimination. But Title IX protects you from discrimination at school while pregnant or parenting. 

If you choose parenting or adoption, Your Options Medical can help you find the resources you need to carry your pregnancy to term and continue your education. 

Medical Care For You

Your Options Medical provides pregnancy confirmation services for women with unexpected pregnancies. We also offer telehealth appointments with our nurses all at no-cost to you and no insurance is needed.

Contact us today to schedule a no-cost, confidential appointment with a medical professional. You can also call or text 508-251-9022 to schedule your appointment.

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