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What to Consider Before an Abortion?

Before an abortion (medical or surgical), you should have an ultrasound, review your medical history, and learn about various procedures, side effects, and potential risks

Do I need an Ultrasound if I Plan to Have an Abortion?

An ultrasound determines if your pregnancy is growing (viable), how far along you are, and can rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Each of these factors helps determine your next steps by seeing which procedure you would be eligible for.

What do the Services Cost Me?

There is no cost to our patients for our services. You can receive a telehealth appointment, pregnancy testing, an ultrasound, and pregnancy options counseling at no charge to you.

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Client Reviews

I truly believe that the interaction my daughter had with every single person that was there at the clinic that day made all the difference. I will forever be grateful for how you all treated her!

I needed to let everyone know at the clinic how thankful I am for the kindness, the care.

The nurse who was doing the ultrasound was patient, kind and explained every detail…there was no judgement involved.

We were greeted and received a warm welcome to the clinic.

My granddaughter went there and the staff was so kind to her. They made all the difference for her in such a difficult time.

This is an awesome place for women to go!

My experience here saved me from more pain and help me be a better Mom.

Very kind people willing to meet and provide material for some of the hardest topics. Truthful educational material about pregnancy, abortion, raising children, depression, sexual health, provided.

They provide incentives for taking classes that you can use for things like diapers, wipes, bottles, and baby clothes.

The staff are always there to listen and support you.

This is an excellent resource for learning your options; working through concerns; and learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

There clinic is vital to scared and confused women. I love all of the staff!

When I was pregnant with my daughter they provided me with love, accurate information, resources and weekly fetal development education.

I will never go anywhere else.

They helped me in every possible way even if it was just a shoulder to cry on someone to talk to…I always felt safe.

They are extremely understanding, caring, compassionate, honest and knowledgeable.

The best place to go if you are scared or unsure…It is non profit with a real nurse!

I had every bad thought about pregnancy when I found out I was pregnant…They listened when no one else would.

Sometimes you just need an ear instead of all the reasons someone else thinks they know what’s best for your life…They listened when no one else would.

I’ve made life long friends there. Learn Your Options has and always will have my support. It’s clean and safe.¬†Thank you for all¬† you’ve done for me.



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What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?
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How Will Pregnancy Affect Me Mentally?
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