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At Your Options Medical, we prioritize your health and safety. We provide information on all of your options to equip you with the accurate information you need to make an informed decision. Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming; let us offer the medical servies and  information you need to take control of your situation.

Guidance you need to take control of your situation. Gather all the information you need in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Then decide.


If you are considering termination of your pregnancy, your options are medical or surgical abortion.

Medical abortion is only approved for pregnancies up to 10 weeks past a woman’s last period. This method uses the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol to end the pregnancy and expel it from the uterus through labor-like cramping and bleeding.

Surgical abortion is performed in a clinical setting and involves a provider opening a woman’s cervix with rods and using suction to remove the pregnancy from her uterus. In pregnancies that are further along, additional surgical methods may need to be used.

For more information on your abortion options or to receive a no-cost ultrasound before an abortion, schedule a free appointment.


Some women are confident that they do not want to parent but do not feel like abortion is the right choice for them. Adoption allows women to continue their lives while giving them the assurance that their child is in a loving family. Birth mothers today are in full control and have three adoption plans from which to choose:

  • Open adoption: the birth mother can choose the parents she wants to raise her child. Together they can create a plan for the birth mother’s involvement in the child’s life.
  • Semi-open adoption: for birth mothers that would like their information to remain confidential but would also like routine updates about their child semi-open adoption might be appealing. All communication takes place through a third party, usually the adoption agency.
  • Closed adoption: in cases where the birth mother does not want to stay in contact with the adoptive family, closed adoption offers confidentiality. All information is sealed, and no communication between the parties will take place.


Even when a woman knows she wants to parent, this option can be intimidating. It is common for women to have questions and doubts about their ability to parent. Let Your Options Medical answer any questions you might have regarding parenting. We can work through your concerns and address the challenges that you will face as a parent. Our knowledgeable advocates can provide you with the resources that you need to succeed at parenting.


Your circumstances are unique to you. You deserve medical care and options counseling individualized to your situation without any pressure to make a rushed decision. Contact us today to schedule your free appointment.

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