Four Steps Prior to an Abortion

considering an abortion

If you think you might be pregnant and are considering an abortion, there are a few steps you should take prior to scheduling an abortion appointment. Some clinics will offer to perform all these steps in one day. This is simply not wise healthcare advice. An abortion is a serious, medical procedure, and it’s essential to have all the facts. Remember, you have time to make a decision. You owe it to yourself to take time to gather information and process it so you can make the best decision for you. Take your time. Do not rush through this. Breathe.

Step 1: Pregnancy Test

This first step may seem obvious. However, not all pregnancy tests are equal in their quality and accuracy in providing you the correct results. Additionally, these test results can easily be misread. Your Options Medical provides lab-quality, medical-grade pregnancy tests that are 99 percent accurate. There is also the possibility that the test could read negative due to early pregnancy. The medical staff at Your Options is trained to be able to discuss your results and answer your questions. Schedule an appointment for pregnancy testing today.

Step 2: Ultrasound

This next step is vital prior to an abortion, because it will provide information you need before scheduling an appointment for a medical procedure. First, an ultrasound can detect fetal cardiac activity. This means it will detect if there is a heartbeat. Your Options Medical nurses are trained in sonography to assess for additional miscarriage indicators. Second, an ultrasound is used to measure the gestational age of the baby (how far along you are in the pregnancy). This is important to know as gestational age determines which abortion procedure is available. Lastly, ultrasound is used to determine if the pregnancy is developing within the uterus. If you have a pregnancy that is developing outside of the uterus, this poses serious health risks. Therefore, ultrasound is crucial for answering necessary medical questions. An ultrasound appointment with Your Options also provides you time with a trained nurse. Schedule an appointment today.

Step 3: STD / STI Testing

Though Your Options Medical currently does not offer STD / STI testing, it is vital to your health to receive full panel STD/STI testing. You will need to know whether you have an STD/STI prior to having an abortion procedure, as having an abortion while you have an STD/STI can cause serious health risks. Consider that if you have an outlying STD and an abortionist is inserting instruments inside your uterus, this could cause the disease to spread further into your body, further threatening your health. Before scheduling an abortion, ensure you receive full panel STD / STI testing. Your Options Medical can help you find a location near you that offers full panel STD / STI testing.

Step 4: Options Counseling

Options Counseling allows you to meet with the trained staff of Your Options Medical and review all of your options. You will be given helpful information to review including the risks, side effects, and facts about abortion procedures. Options Counseling also offers information on adoption such as the difference between open and closed adoption as well as the laws surrounding adoption in the state of Massachusetts. Lastly, local parenting resources are offered, including information on where to find help with housing, diapers, and other material goods. At Your Options Medical’s Options Counseling, you can talk with someone about your choices, ask questions, and take time to process the information you have received. Schedule an appointment today.

Your Options Medical strives to provide our patients with confidential, quality medical services and support. If you think or know you are pregnant, make an appointment at Your Options Medical as your first step.

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