It is Possible to Have a False Negative Pregnancy Test Result?

False Negative Pregnancy Tests

At Your Options Medical, we have found that after some of our patients take a pregnancy test and see the negative result, they assume that they are definitely not pregnant. However, this is not always the case. False negative pregnancy tests do occur. In fact, it is possible to have a negative result on a pregnancy test and actually be pregnant. Here is how it works:

The goal of a urine pregnancy test is to test the urine for a hormone called hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). This is the hormone your body produces during pregnancy. When urine is placed into a pregnancy test, is it being tested for the presence of this hCG hormone. If hCG is detected in the urine sample, the result of the pregnancy test should read with a positive result. However, there are a few reasons why a pregnant woman can take a pregnancy test and have the result read negative including:

-If the pregnancy is very early on, the hCG hormone levels may be too slight for a pregnancy test to detect. The earliest time to take a pregnancy test to receive an accurate result is typically a few days after you were due to begin your period.

-Also, if a woman’s urine is extremely watered down then the pregnancy test may not be able to detect the hCG hormone especially early on in pregnancy. The best time of day to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning when a woman’s urine is highly concentrated.

If you have had a negative pregnancy test, but are experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms such as –nausea –vomiting –tiredness –loss of appetite, etc. It is always best to contact your doctor as there may be something happening with your body other than pregnancy.

If you think you might be pregnant because you have missed your period, know that there are other reasons you may have missed your period besides pregnancy. To learn more, check out our blog.

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