Free Women’s Health Services

Free Women's Health Services

As a nonprofit organization, Your Options Medical is dedicated to reaching out to women and families who are facing unexpected pregnancies and seeking compassionate support. We offer free women’s health services.

At Your Options, we understand the services we offer are vital to women. We strive to ensure there are no barriers to women accessing our services– including cost.

What about insurance?

There are multiple reasons why we do not require our patients to give insurance information to cover the cost of their visit. Many of the women we see do not have insurance. If Your Options required insurance, many of our patients would be unable to receive necessary services.

At times, minors come to our offices for services and aren’t  ready to talk with other adults until they know the results of their test. When insurance is not involved, the patient can speak with a trusted adult about her situation when she is ready.

Since Your Options does not charge for services, our patients can be sure our staff is not financially invested in their pregnancy decision. The patient will not be pressured into one decision or another. Our staff are not salespeople. Patients are given adequate time to evaluate and access their pregnancy options so there is no pressure.

Our Free Women’s Health Services:

Here are some ways our free women’s health services make a difference to pregnant women…

Free Pregnancy Tests

This service opens the door for women to get to know us and find safety in our walls. Without the concern of cost, patients can relax knowing we are here and care. Learn more about our free pregnancy tests.

Free Ultrasounds

When a woman does not have to worry about finding the funds to receive our services, she can focus on assessing her situation and determining what is best for her. Learn more about free ultrasounds.

Free Options Counseling

Support is the key for many women who are unsure of what to do when facing an unexpected pregnancy. We educate patients about their options and provide the caring presence needed without adding any financial pressure. Learn more about free options counseling.

The answer to, “Why is it free and why don’t you require insurance?” is simple: No cost = less stress and no pressure.

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