Your pregnancy Options

You just learned that you are pregnant and now are faced with making a pregnancy decision. This decision – no matter which choice you make – can have a significant impact on your life and your future. As with any major decision in life, gathering facts and information helps us to make an informed choice. During your one hour appointment an advocate will provide you with an opportunity to receive information on all three of your options.

Your health and future well-being are worth an hour of your time.

Parenting can be a struggle at any age, no matter what the circumstances. We know that there are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. Our role is to encourage, educate, and provide resources to our patients in order to help them see their situation clearly.

The father of the baby or your support team is always welcome to participate in any discussions with your permission. Learn more about parenting here.

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There are two types of legal abortion in the United States – surgical and medical (the abortion pill). Learning the facts about abortion procedures and the risks associated with each type will help you make an informed decision.

Prior to having an abortion, confirming your pregnancy with a lab quality pregnancy test and ultrasound is an important step in protecting your health and well-being. Learn more about abortion here.

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If you do not feel ready to parent a child, adoption is an option that can provide you and your child with a positive outcome.

Although we are not an adoption agency, we can provide you with information about Massachusetts adoption laws and requirements. Learn more about adoption here.

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