You Are Not Alone

unexpected circumstances When we face an unexpected circumstance in life, sometimes we feel like our world is ending. We need our “people.” You know, the individuals that make up your tribe. Those people who are there for you no matter what. They...Continued

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day Happy International Women’s Day! This day can mean many things to different people. However, it is clear that globally, International Women’s Day is a time to honor our equality and raise joyous celebration. I love being a woman! I am...Continued

Women who Made History

Black History This month, we  celebrate the black community’s successes and achievements during Black History Month. Let’s honor the lives of just a few of the incredible black women who made history: Mary Kenner – an inventor who enjoyed creating household items...Continued

Equally Served

every woman Women. We all have our differences: skin color, eye shape, hair texture, lip shape, and so much more. These qualities make us unique. We have different talents, goals, and aspirations. Some of us have been born into affluent families while...Continued

We Are For Empowering Women

empower women At Your Options Medical, we have the privilege of empowering women every day. Your Options firmly believes that empowered women empower women. Our female staff know this to be true. From the center directors who have been trained to run...Continued

Four Steps Prior to an Abortion

considering an abortion If you think you might be pregnant and are considering an abortion, there are a few steps you should take prior to scheduling an abortion appointment. Some clinics will offer to perform all these steps in one day. This is...Continued

Celebrating Women – We Are For Women

women deserve the truth Women are STRONG. Women are BEAUTIFUL. Women are WARRIORS. Women are HARD-WORKING. Women are COURAGEOUS. Women are KIND. Women are INTELLIGENT. Women deserve compassion and the truth. At Your Options Medical, we serve women every day. We are for women....Continued

How to Date…Your Monthly Cycle

could i be pregnant Dating your cycle and trying to figure out all that is happening with your body can be frustrating and confusing. How long is my period? What is ovulation exactly? My LMP? I don’t even know what that means! Understanding your...Continued

Dating, Sex, and Security

dating sex Okay, y’all it’s about to get real. We’ve all heard the lectures on “Abstinence only” and “Just say no,” right? We get it. But let’s agree to be completely open and honest with each other: Dating is entertaining. Sex is...Continued