How to Survive the Roller Coaster of Your Period

period menstruation

Okay Ladies, let’s be honest…most of us tend to dread this time of the month! Symptoms that drive us bonkers like consistent cramps which cause you to want to stay in elastic waist pants all day, snuggled in your warm bed. Then there are the mood swings where in one moment you cannot stand the sight of anything that’s not fluffy and four-legged and the next moment you are crying at retail store commercials. Let’s not forget the bloating, oh goodness the bloating! Yeah, it’s a fun time….well, not so much. But there are a few things to be done to help curb the coaster for a smoother ride during this particular time of each month.

  1. ESSENTIAL OILS! I personally LOVE <3 my essential oils! Here is a brief list of my top faves:
  • Frankincense: This one is beneficial for relieving anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, and can help regulate your monthly cycle.
  • Peppermint: Personally, I like my peppermint only around Christmas time. However, this oil helps relieve headaches and is a great oil to keep on hand if, like me, you are more prone to headaches during your period.
  • Lavender: This fragrant oil can help to calm and relax in addition to relieve cramping. Put a few drops in a warm bath and enjoy! Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath?
  • Orange: Mmmm…citrus! It is like summer and sweetness all in one! This oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve the pain of cramps from your period. Give it a whiff.
  1. Healthy Snacks: PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who gets extra h-angry (yeah, it’s a thing 😉 ) during my period and needs snacks?
  • Whole Grain Toast: The health in whole grains and carbs can curb your craving for a cookie while aiding to regulate those mood-swings. “Mood swings? What mood swings? GIVE ME THE COOKIE!!!” ßCase and point J
  • Melon: This sweet treat can help satisfy your sweet tooth while also helping you to de-bloat. Yay, skinny jeans!
  • Oranges: After you’ve tried the oil, munch on this juicy fruit. What is better than something sweet that can also help offer you relief from those nasty cramps? Yes, PLEASE!
  1. Heat: When your head is pounding, your body aches, and the cramps won’t chill, heat can help provide you some relief!
  • A warm heat pack placed below your belly button can provide relief from cramps. Place this same heat pack on your lower back to provide some relief for those aches, too.
  • A bubble bath is always a good idea, especially during that time of the month. Make it extra soothing with a few essential oils dropped into the water, switch on your favorite movie (and if the tears flow, just let ‘em!), grab a fruity snack and let it all soothe you.

Believe me, ladies I TOTALLY sympathize with you and feel for you if your period is a major struggle for you each month. You don’t have to miss out on life, you may just have to pause and take care of yourself! Chill out with the hot pack, read a good book and give your body some down time. Maybe instead of totally dreading our periods, we can put a positive spin on it and say, “My body is telling me I need some down time. I need to just take a day and take care of my body.” Life doesn’t have to fully stop because of your period, just put on the brakes for a bit and chill out. Then, break out those skinny jeans and coffee and conquer the world!

You got this!

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