What Are the Risks of Ordering the Abortion Pill Online?

This woman is wondering what the risks are of ordering the abortion pill online

Are you thinking about ordering the abortion pill online? Before you do, it’s important to take time to learn about the risks you may be taking and to consider a few important questions.

Before ordering the abortion pill online, ask yourself:

1. Am I informed of the risks and side effects related to the abortion pill? 

Whether you order the abortion pill online or access it through an abortion provider, you may experience some intense side effects and health complications.

Side effects of the abortion pill include bleeding, cramping, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, and chills.

In addition to these common side effects, some women experience severe health complications including infection, sepsis, septic shock, excessive bleeding, hemorrhaging, and mental health issues.1

2. Have I undergone the necessary pre-abortion screenings? 

Because the abortion pill has been associated with serious health complications, it’s essential that all patients first undergo certain health screenings. Accessing these important pre-abortion screenings will ensure that you’re making an informed choice for your pregnancy.

It’s recommended that you first confirm your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing. Once you’ve received a positive pregnancy test, you’ll need an ultrasound to confirm how far along you are, determine if the pregnancy is in hte uterus (to rule out ectopic pregnancy), and assess for miscarriage indicators. The results of your ultrasound scan will largely determine whether or not you are eligible for an abortion procedure. Additionally, STI/STD testing and treatment are recommended to avoid the spread of any present infection and limit other health complications. 

Once you’ve undergone the necessary screenings, it’s recommended that you sit down with a medical professional to go over your results and gather information on which pregnancy options may be right for you. 

Looking for affordable pre-abortion screening? Your Options Medical provides free and confidential lab-quality pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, STI/STD information, and medical consultations. 

3. Do I know if I’m eligible for a medical abortion? 

According to the FDA, the abortion pill should only be taken to terminate early pregnancies. Early pregnancies are classified as pregnancies in the first 10 weeks or 70 days of gestation. Taking the abortion pill after this point can sometimes result in an incomplete abortion. If the abortion is incomplete, you may need to have a surgical abortion as well. An incomplete abortion may cause infection, sepsis, septic shock, and hemorrhaging.

Receiving an ultrasound scan will determine your eligibility for the abortion pill.

4. Do I know if this medication is approved by the FDA? 

Even accessing the abortion pill through an abortion provider can lead to serious health risks; however, the risks increase with ordering the abortion pill online. Because not all online abortion pill vendors have had their medications approved by the FDA, ordering these medications online poses an increased risk to your health and safety.

5. Is the abortion pill right for me

The reality is, the abortion pill isn’t right for everyone.

If you’re unsure as to whether the abortion pill is right for you, know that it’s important to take time to gather accurate information and review all the pregnancy options available to you.

Our Options Medical is here to provide you with the resources and information you need to make an informed choice for your pregnancy.

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