The Abortion Pill (RU-486) vs. The Morning After Pill

abortion pill and the morning after pill

A lot of people think the Abortion Pill (Plan C) and the Morning After Pill (Plan B) are the same thing. However, these pills differ in procedure and time administered.

The Morning After Pill (Plan B) is considered a method of contraception that works to block a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. If this fails, MAP works to thin the lining of the uterus to expel the human fetus from the uterus thus ending the pregnancy.

The Abortion Pill (RU-486/Plan C)  is a two-pill process meant to end a pregnancy by cutting off the supply of progesterone to the pregnancy. It then expels the human fetus from the uterus after it has attached to the uterine wall.

Common side effects of the Morning After Pill (Plan B) and the Abortion Pill (Plan C):


The Morning After Pill (Plan B)

-Nausea or Vomiting




-Cramping or Lower Abdominal Pain


-Breast Tenderness


The Abortion Pill (RU-486/Plan C)

-Heavy Bleeding

-Large Blood Clots (sometimes the size of a lemon)


-Nausea or Vomiting / Diarrhea

-Cramping or Lower Abdominal Pain

-Severe Pelvic Pain / Infection

-Tiredness or Weakness / Back Pain


These medications differ in procedure and date administered, but they do have similar side effects. If you would like to learn more, please contact Your Options Medical. If you think you might be pregnant and are considering RU-486 (Plan C) the Abortion Pill, set up an appointment with Your Options Medical today. We can help answer your questions, confirm whether you are indeed pregnant, and help you determine how best to proceed.


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