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Reasons You Need an Ultrasound Before Abortion

If you are considering an abortion or have already decided on abortion as the outcome of your pregnancy, your first step is getting an ultrasound. It might seem strange to hear that you need an ultrasound for a pregnancy that you don’t intend to continue, but obtaining this simple but vital diagnostic test is in the best interest of your health and safety.

1 Confirm Pregnancy

As many as 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. If you tested positive on a home pregnancy test, obtaining an ultrasound can confirm that the pregnancy is viable (has a heartbeat and is growing.) 

About 80% of miscarriages do not require treatment. An ultrasound could save you from an unnecessary procedure if your pregnancy is not growing.

2 Date the Pregnancy

Did you know that the length of your pregnancy can alter the abortion options available to you? For example, medical abortion, also called the abortion pill, is only FDA-approved through 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

If your pregnancy is past 10 weeks, surgical abortion is a safer alternative. Surgical abortions can also differ based on how far along you are. Obtaining an ultrasound is the best way to date your pregnancy.

3 Locate the Pregnancy

When an embryo attaches and begins to grow somewhere other than the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening for the woman and warrants medical treatment as soon as possible. 

Neither surgical abortion nor medical abortion is a suitable treatment for ectopic pregnancy, so another procedure is necessary to resolve the condition.

Free Limited Ultrasounds

An ultrasound can seem like an added expense if you plan to terminate your pregnancy, but Your Options Medical offers free limited ultrasounds to confirm, date, and locate your pregnancy. Contact us today to prioritize your health with a free ultrasound.

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