Is An Abortion Painful?

considering an abortion

If you are considering an abortion, you may have some questions:

How much does it cost?

Will I be awake?

How long does it take?

Are there any risks?

The trained staff at Your Options Medical are ready to answer your questions and to walk alongside you in this difficult decision-making process. A question we sometimes hear is, “Is an abortion painful?” The simple answer is, yes. Each abortion procedure causes some pain and discomfort ranging from a burning sensation to extreme cramping (similar to contractions during child labor). Let’s explain why an abortion may be painful.

Abortion Pill (RU-486)

The abortion pill works by ending the supply of nutrients to the pregnancy and then emptying the contents of the uterus. This process of emptying the uterus causes large blood clots (some as large as the size of a lemon) which then causes heavy and at times extreme cramping and high blood loss. This cramping with blood loss can be acutely painful.

Surgical Abortion

In a surgical abortion, anesthesia is sometimes, but not always, administered. The patient usually chooses  whether or not to receive anesthesia. However, some clinics do not offer it.

During this procedure, depending on gestational age, different types of surgeries could be performed. With any of the surgical abortion procedures, there will be pain and discomfort due to factors like the removal of the baby, stretching or at times tearing of the cervix, and other possible complications including perforation of the uterus.

You deserve to know the facts since your health and body could be at risk. For more information about abortion procedures and risks, contact Your Options Medical today!

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