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What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in High School?

If you have recently learned you are pregnant but are still in high school, you are likely feeling a lot of emotions. You may wonder how your family and friends will feel and whether you will have any help. Your Options Medical understands these concerns; this can be a scary time. We provide medical services, … Continued


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What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

Being pregnant in college is not easy, but you can still accomplish your educational goals. You may experience additional challenges, but resources exist to help you make an informed pregnancy decision.  Your Options Medical has the no-cost, private medical services you need to learn about your pregnancy and find resources during your college years. Will … Continued

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How Will Pregnancy Affect Me Mentally?

Pregnancy can be a time of complex emotions. Whether your pregnancy was unexpected or carefully planned, you will likely experience new–and even overwhelming–feelings. Your Options Medical provides the medical services you need to make a pregnancy decision. With in-person and telehealth appointments, we are committed to offering the best care.  The Role of Hormones Significant … Continued

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What Are My Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options?

Understanding your options is crucial if you have an unexpected pregnancy and are in your second trimester. In Massachusetts, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks gestation. If you are younger than 16 years, parental consent or judicial bypass is required to have an abortion.  Although Your Options Medical does not provide or refer for … Continued

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How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Are Pregnant

Sharing your pregnancy news can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Having the proper resources is essential when you’re navigating pregnancy options, and the fear of not receiving them can be challenging.  Remember that this is your pregnancy and decision. Still, there are several considerations you can make when telling loved ones.  Choosing the Ideal … Continued

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What Can Guys Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

If you and your partner are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about your future. However, there are steps you can take that will help you feel more confident about how to move forward. Read on to learn more about these steps. Or, if you and your partner want to talk … Continued

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My birth control failed. What do I do?

For countless women, relying on birth control as a safeguard against pregnancy is a common practice. However, it is crucial to recognize that birth control’s efficacy isn’t foolproof, and sometimes it may fail. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty. Nonetheless, the key is to not … Continued

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