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ultrasound before abortion pill

4 Reasons Why You Schedule an Ultrasound Before the Abortion Pill

With COVID-19 changing the way we live our daily lives, venturing out into the public may be inconveniencing at best and immensely stressful at worst. And if you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, fear of catching the virus may prevent you from seeking the medical attention you need. You will still need to schedule an ultrasound.

Some clinics may tell you that you don’t need to come in for an appointment before taking the Abortion Pill. They might inform you that the Abortion Pill is safe for you to take by yourself at home.

However, with these “safe at home abortions,” pregnancies are not being confirmed by a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasounds are not being provided to ensure patients are eligible to receive the Abortion Pill. There are many crucial components of your pregnancy that only an ultrasound can show you.

schedule an ultrasound in order to confirm:

1. How far along you are in the pregnancy

The Abortion Pill can be taken up to 11 weeks, so it is necessary for you to have an ultrasound to confirm that you are eligible for this procedure. Otherwise, taking it could result in an incomplete or failed abortion.

2. If any pregnancy complications exist

On its own, an ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and without an ultrasound, you would have no idea if you had one. The Abortion Pill will not terminate the existing pregnancy in this case and will create further health risks instead.

3. Any indications of a failed pregnancy known as a miscarriage

Ultrasound will detect signs and symptoms of a possible miscarriage, which are fairly common in early pregnancy. Having a failed pregnancy means that you do not have to make a decision regarding abortion.

4. Multiple (ie; twins, triplets, etc.) pregnancies

In this case, the Abortion Pill can be ineffective in ending all the pregnancies and a viable pregnancy could remain and continue to develop.

cost of the abortion pill

Did you know that the Abortion Pill can cost you up to $1000?  In addition, it may negatively impact your physical health and may even put your life at risk.  At Your Options Medical, we provide you with the recommended pregnancy testing, ultrasound and information so that you can make a confident and informed decision.  It costs you absolutely nothing, but one hour of your time!

Schedule no-cost pregnancy services

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