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How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

When you have an unexpected pregnancy, it can feel like the scariest moment in your life. You weren’t planning on becoming pregnant, and now you have some critical questions to consider. You are likely also concerned about how your family will react. Parental approval can be crucial, and you might worry about their reactions. Worrying … Continued


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Fetal Development

Your Options Medical offers a host of services including pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and options counseling. When serving patients, some women want to know details about early fetal development. We receive a lot of questions, but here are a few answers to the most common fetal development questions that come our way. “What is the difference … Continued

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pregnancy timeline
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When Did I ACTUALLY Get Pregnant

It can be difficult to determine exactly when a woman became pregnant. There can be many reasons a patient wants to know the precise timeline. Reasons may include: sentimental purposes, health factors, and more. Though it may be impossible to determine the exact moment, we can make an estimation. How do I make an educated … Continued

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