Self-Care Awareness: Self Care During Your Period

menstrual period self care September is Self-Care Awareness Month. This month, our focus is on reminding our readers of the importance of taking care of yourself. Many women struggle with self-care especially during their menstrual period which is one of the most crucial times...Continued

How to Survive the Roller Coaster of Your Period

period menstruation Okay Ladies, let’s be honest. Most of us tend to dread our time of the month! The symptoms drive us bonkers -- like consistent cramps which cause you to want to stay in elastic waist pants all day and snuggled...Continued

Know Your Cycle

how your period works Have you ever wondered how your period works? Why does it come every month? What does it have to do with getting pregnant? Today we’re discussing a few common questions regarding your menstrual cycle. What is a period? Your period...Continued