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How Soon Can Home Pregnancy Tests Accurately Detect Pregnancy?

If you think you could be pregnant, you want results you can trust. Knowing when to take a pregnancy test is crucial to confirming a potential pregnancy.  Your Options Medical provides lab-quality pregnancy testing. Our tests can detect the pregnancy hormone, hCG, as early as 7-10 days after conception. The test results are read immediately … Continued


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Are There Serious Complications with the Abortion Pill?

If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you may be sorting through your options and you probably have heard about “the Abortion Pill.” It is also referred to as the RU-486 Pill, Mifepristone, and Mifeprex. However, during this pandemic, some clinics have also started to call it the “safe at-home abortion.” With Covid-19 virtually changing the … Continued

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Do I Still Need an Ultrasound if I Plan to Get an Abortion?

The simple answer to this question is easy: yes. Allow us to explain why. An ultrasound scan provides an incredible view into a woman’s body to see what is actually happening. Remember, a positive pregnancy test does not necessarily mean you are definitely pregnant. Learn more on our blog Can I Have a Positive Pregnancy … Continued

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Why You May Not Need an Abortion

Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion Concerns If you recently found out that you are pregnant and you were not planning or expecting to be, you may be considering an abortion. Before scheduling this medical procedure, a few things have to be done first for your health and safety. The truth is, you may not want to … Continued

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