Women’s Equality Day

women's equality day

Today, August 26th, is National Women’s Equality Day! This American holiday was established to “commemorate the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote” (NWHP). Here at Your Options Medical, we acknowledge the topic of equality for all individuals is a prevalent one in today’s society. Therefore, we want to take part in this conversation, as it highlights our past, present and future.

The Women’s Suffrage Movement

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, women such as Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul were taking the streets in a peaceful civil rights movement, most commonly remembered as the Women’s Suffrage Movement. These bold and courageous women acknowledged the disparity between men and women within society and sought to make a positive change.

This change was driven by a desire for women to receive the same type of education men did and the right to vote alongside men — the right to be more than just a housewife if they desired. There is of course value and fulfillment in staying home and tending to the family. However, many women during that time yearned to do more with their lives, but society deemed it inappropriate.

Celebrating Today’s Victories

Fast-forward to today, and we see now that women overall do have the opportunity to gain the same education that men do and are eligible for equal job opportunities. Women can be doctors, engineers, lawyers and police officers. Women can serve in the U.S. Military and can run for president of the United States! Unlike in some other countries, women in the U.S. are able to purchase land, drive and own their own vehicle, own a business and much more. It is no shocking news that women have in fact come a very long way since the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Therefore, this day is cause for celebration!

As we remember the determined, tireless fight of the early feminists and what their movement accomplished, we at Your Options Medical continue to stress how we are or all women – regardless of race and ethnicity, regardless of whether you’re a housewife or a businesswoman, we are here for YOU!

We offer our services free of charge so that you can receive the help you need no matter your circumstances. Our passion is to inform our patients on all the options available, and we strive to encourage and empower women to choose what is best for them and their family.

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