Women who Made History

Black History

This month, we  celebrate the black community’s successes and achievements during Black History Month. Let’s honor the lives of just a few of the incredible black women who made history:

  • Mary Kenner – an inventor who enjoyed creating household items to make life a little easier

    Mary had patents on products including bathroom tissue holder, carrier attachments for walkers for people with disabilities, and a back washer that could hang on the wall on one’s shower.
  • Alice Parker – designer of a gas heating furnace

Alice’s designs led to the modern source of heat known as “central heating.” Thanks to her designs and engineering, there are now better ways to heat our homes than just a fireplace.

  • Mary McLeod Bethune – a civil rights activist

 Mary believed that through education, prejudice would be destroyed. She founded a college, worked with several U.S. presidents in speaking up for children of minority groups, and worked throughout her life to advocate for the education of young people.

  • Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – the world’s first black female elected president

Later in life, she also received the Nobel Peace Prize for peaceably advocating for the rights and protection of rights of women.

  • Shirley Chisholm – first black congresswoman in the United States and the first black presidential candidate

Though she did not win the presidency, she left behind a beautiful legacy of valuing education, protecting children, and fighting for social justice.

May the stories of these women who made history inspire us to follow in their footsteps that we might leave behind a legacy to be proud of.

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