Will I Ever See My Baby Again?

Adoption. Not something many people in our society talk about. Unfortunately, adoption has gotten a bad reputation. Some people think that if they place their child for adoption there is no way they will ever see their child again. Even still, some believe that it is cruel to place their child for adoption. Today, we want to share some truths and stories of adoption with you to show that adoption can be a very loving and courageous decision for a young woman or couple facing an unexpected pregnancy.

First, let’s address the fear that if a child is placed for adoption, the birth mother will never see her child again. This is just not the case. While a mother can choose to place her child for adoption and not have any contact after placement, there are also adoption plans that a mother can choose so that she may have a continuing role and relationship with her child even after placement. These plans allow the mother to select and even meet the family she would like to place her child with.

If you would like to learn more about the different adoption plans available, check out our blog Open vs. Closed Adoption.

To learn more and hear stories of those directly impacted by adoption, read the stories and click the links below to watch the videos.

“When Sarah was 24, she found out she was pregnant. She always wanted to be a mom but was overcome by fear when this reality came so unexpectedly. She knew immediately this path was going to be difficult, but wanted to do what was best for her son. Sarah chose to place her son with a loving family through adoption! This journey brought them closer than they ever imagined possible. Watch as Sarah and the family she placed with, share an honest portrayal of not only the struggle, but also the joy and beauty that has come from their open adoption.”
Watch Sarah’s story here.
“In Texas a birth mother must wait 48 hours before she can legally place her child for adoption. Our friends at The Archibald Project documented a hopeful adoptive family AND a brave birth mother during those 48 hours. These 48 hours may change how you view adoption.” Watch the video here.
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