Top 10 Christmas Must-Sees

Christmas Movies

You know those people who just love Christmas and go all-out Christmas crazy with everything? Well, I am one of THOSE people! I legit LOVE Christmas! I am that person that decorates my entire house inside and out on November 1st and does not take it down until after January 1st. I just love Christmas: cookie baking, present wrapping, the jolly music, the snow, the twinkling lights, I love it all! So of course, I also love Christmas movies. Below I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite Christmas Movies. Some classics, some children’s movies. Anyway, I hope you will make time this Christmas season to chill out with a hot cocoa and watch some of these beloved tales!

White Christmas This 1950s comedy-romance is the perfect flick for a quiet night in. It is definitely at the top of my Christmas movie must-watch list! It has to be seen every year. The music, the humor, the real-life circumstances that are totally relatable are heart-warming and perfect for a night to be snowed in.

Christmas Movies

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year This is again, one of my favorites! It is a sweet, Hallmark tale with an unrealistic plot that makes us happy because though it is predictable, it is charming, funny, and heart-warming. The acting is pretty great and it is just a sweet, family-friendly movie.

Eloise at Christmastime This is a children’s movie; however, do not be fooled. This movie is filled with romance, humor and all around good fun! If you have never seen it, make this the year you create a tradition out of watching this classic. With her energy and sass, Eloise is sure to bring you a smile!

Christmas Movies

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer He had a very shiny nose! How could I not include this classic? I loved this movie from childhood. It is a great reminder for kids (and even us adults) that what you think is a flaw is just the right “light” that this world needs. You were made for a purpose, a destiny only you were meant to fulfill so embrace it!

The Preacher’s Wife With talents like Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston how can you not laugh, cry and spill over with emotion? This tale of how an unexpected visitor impacts a preacher and his wife while their marriage is struggling is sure to have a point we can all relate to while reminding us of the magic that is Christmas time.

Christmas Movies

The Santa Clause This movie collection actually has three in total. However, as with many series, the original is still my favorite. Tim Allen’s humor will keep you laughing while reminding you that we could all be a little more like Santa: A bit more jolly, a little more giving, and a lot less stressed. Christmas is not meant to be a time of stress and overspending, but a time spent with family and loved ones, enjoying all that we have. This classic is a funny movie to enjoy with friends.

Miracle on 34th Street This timeless classic has been adapted several times and I appreciate aspects of each version! This tale is sure to bring a smile to your face. A good reminder to see the wonder of Christmas and general life all through the eyes of a child.

Christmas Movies

Mrs. Miracle This Hallmark romance is so sweet and family friendly. A good late night, light-hearted film sure to warm you from the inside out. A small family reminded of the magic and wonder that Christmas brings and the joy found in life after heartache.

The Nutcracker (1993) has always been one of my favorites for sure and I have to see it every single year! In addition to watching this film, I highly recommend seeing the ballet! I have dreamt of going all my life and finally had the opportunity last Christmas to see it in the grand Boston Opera House. The music, the grace, the beauty, the art that is Christmas can all be found in this exquisite ballet.

Christmas Movies

A Royal Christmas I will end our list with another Hallmark classic. What girl does not love a tale involving romance, a handsome prince, and happily ever after?  Enjoy this chick-flick with some girlfriends, popcorn, and cocoa. It is sure to be a big hit!

Well those are just a few of my top 10 favorite Christmas movies. I hope you enjoy each one you

take the time to view and that your Christmas is full of fun, surprises, love and good cheer.

Merry Christmas!

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