TIME: You Are a Person, Not a Number

quality pregnancy care

Breathe. Take a deep breath.” Patients are likely to hear these words when interacting with our staff here at Your Options Medical. We understand that when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, many women feel as though their world is falling apart. A million questions are swirling in your head, and emotions are reeling. We encourage our patients to pause and take a deep breathe to allow time to calm the fears, release the anxiety and focus on taking this process one step at a time.

“Y’all Gave Me Time”

A recent patient of Your Options Medical shared:

Y’all gave me time. That was critical. You took the time to allow me to pause and take a breathe in the midst of my confusion. You gave me the time I needed to ask questions and receive answers. I didn’t feel rushed, I was not pushed through the door. I was treated like a person, given the time I needed to receive information and ask questions.”

At Your Options Medical, you are seen not by your patient ID number but as a person. We recognize the importance of allowing you time to ask questions, receive information and not be rushed out the door. You deserve compassionate, quality care.

If you or someone you know might be pregnant and need help slowing down and working through this process, contact Your Options Medical today!

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