Testimonial 10

This is an excellent resource for learning your options; working through concerns; and learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.Continued

Testimonial 9

There clinic is vital to scared and confused women. I love all of the staff!Continued

Testimonial 8

When I was pregnant with my daughter they provided me with love, accurate information, resources and weekly fetal development education.Continued

Testimonial 6

They helped me in every possible way even if it was just a shoulder to cry on someone to talk to...I always felt safe.Continued

Testimonial 5

They are extremely understanding, caring, compassionate, honest and knowledgeable.Continued

Testimonial 4

The best place to go if you are scared or unsure...It is non profit with a real nurse!Continued

Testimonial 3

I had every bad thought about pregnancy when I found out I was pregnant...They listened when no one else would.Continued

Testimonial 2

Sometimes you just need an ear instead of all the reasons someone else thinks they know what's best for your life...They listened when no one else would.Continued


I've made life long friends there. Learn Your Options has and always will have my support. It's clean and safe. Thank you for all  you've done for me.Continued