Teen Pregnancy Prevention

prevent teen pregnancy

There have been many programs that strive to help prevent teen pregnancy. Unfortunately, many of these programs have proven ineffective. The goals of these programs are well-intentioned, but they have been unsuccessful in reaching their goals to lower the rate of teenagers becoming pregnant. It is not the goals that are wrong but the methods.

A program that Your Options Medical has used with our patients, Learn the Essentials, has shown to be far more effective. Rather than focusing on STDs, the hardship a teen pregnancy brings, etc., this program focuses on healthy relationships. Teens are shown not only the physical effects of sex in their teens years (i.e. pregnancy and STDs) but also the emotional side effects.

As the group works through object lessons and discussion, they come to their own conclusion realizing that sex is a big deal with potentially even bigger consequences. Sex, at this point in their lives, can be harmful not only to their body physically but also to their heart and mind emotionally.

The curriculum touches not only on sex but healthy boundaries in all relationships. It addresses additional topics including peer pressure, sexting, leadership skills, and more. Those who have participated have shown great interest in the class and deep appreciation for the material they’ve learned while engaging in the course.

We should not only focus on preventing teen pregnancy but on building up this next generation to be strong leaders and individuals with healthy relationships at home, in the workplace, and throughout society.

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