Surviving Thanksgiving & Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping

Can you smell it? The crispy smell of golden turkey browning in the oven? Can you feel it? The excitement of an incredible Black Friday deal?

I love the month of November: Harvest decorations, preparing for Christmas, Thanksgiving meals with loved ones, shopping for good deals and Christmas gifts. This is a great week: Food and Shopping…does it get any better?

However, this time can also be a struggle. If you are like me, you tend to leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling a little too full and the next day stepping out of the mall with your wallet a little too empty. Living in the United States, we are used to plenty and abundance, but that doesn’t mean we need to overdo it. Below are a few tips to help you leave Thanksgiving feeling a little less bogged down by food and finishing your Black Friday shopping with some great deals WITHOUT maxing out the credit card.

Enjoying Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday shopping

  1. About 1 hour before you indulge in all of your favorite Thanksgiving Day casseroles, have some water. Having some liquid in your belly will help you feel full, so that you are less likely to over-eat and feel sick later. If you like hot cider, spiced tea or pumpkin coffee, these are great alternative, festive treats to help you feel full before you make your belly stretch.
  2. Go Gluten Free! I know, I know…gluten free foods seem to have a bad rap. However, lately there have been lots of gluten free foods that actually have great taste without all the bloat-causing, brain-fogging ingredients. Avoiding some gluten this Thanksgiving can help you be able to feel comfy in those fitted jeans even after the meal.
  3. Veggies! “Eat all of your veggies!” I know, I sound like your Mom, right? But seriously, eat your vegetables first on Thanksgiving and then indulge in the not-so-good-for-you dishes in order to fuel your body with goodness. You will likely have more energy and be less inclined to NEED a nap after the feast.
Surviving Black Friday Deals with Funds Left Over

Black Friday shopping

  1. Say no to sales! Just because something is on sale…does not mean you NEED to buy it.Shop smart for what you need and remember that the day before, you just spent time being grateful for what you already have…it is simple. Do not buy into the sales marketing tactics; you are a smart girl and you can shop smart, too!
  1. Before you hit the stores, make a list of things that you might need. Create a budget of how much you can spend and tally purchases throughout the day to ensure you are staying on point. It is 3 a.m.? Who cares about hair and make-up? As long as the budget is on point, you are golden!
  1. Pack a survival kit! Keep your purse light with a couple of travel size items that can be found super cheap. Include things like, 1). Hand Sanitizer. 2). Sticky notes & pen (to keep track of your needs list and budget). 3). Toilet Paper (you might laugh, but when all the restroom stalls are out, you will not skip a beat because you came prepared!). 4). Snacks, grab a water bottle with a snack compartment or throw a protein bar in your bag to keep you moving. 5). Portable Phone Charger, this way you will not lose track of your shopping buddies.

So there you have it, a few quick tips to help you maximize the fun and enjoyment of Thanksgiving weekend without the pain, hassle, and stress. I hope you all have a great time. May your turkey be tender and your shopping successful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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