Pregnant- Now What?

If you are
pregnant and do not want to be (or were not planning to be), chances are you
have a lot of thoughts and likely a lot of questions. You need answers and
clarity in the midst of what seems to be nothing but chaos. Your Options
Medical can help!

We are the best place to provide you with your first steps.

Pregnancy Testing

First, it’s
important  to receive medical-grade
pregnancy testing. There is a possibility that you can receive a false negative
result on a pregnancy test and still be pregnant. Sometimes, a test can be
performed incorrectly, and you may think you are pregnant when in reality you
are not.

It is
recommended that you have a professional administer a medical-grade pregnancy
test in order to better ensure the accuracy of the result.


If you do
have a positive pregnancy test, your next best step is to receive an ultrasound
scan. This scan provides information that is crucial to your health and

ultrasound can confirm if there is a fetal heartbeat detected, assess for
miscarriage indicators, supply accurate dating of your pregnancy, confirm if
the pregnancy is developing in the uterus, and visibly confirm if there is an
actual pregnancy.

Options Counseling

This portion of your
visit to Your Options Medical will give you time to discuss your unique
situation and circumstances with our trained staff and medical team to:

1). Offer support as

2). Answer questions you
may have regarding your options.

3). Provide you with
resources during your decision making process.

Since our services are offered totally free of
charge, the organization is not financially vested in your
decision. You will be offered truthful and comprehensive information on all
three of your legal options. You have time to make your decision. Your
Options Medical is here to help you create structure and order with your first
steps in this decision-making process.

Are you pregnant or think you might be pregnant? Make an appointment at Your Options
Medical today for your no-cost, no insurance required, confidential medical
exam today.

Your Options Medical: Confidential
Services, Care You Can Trust!

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