New Year, New You…Same Goals???

new year goals

How is 2018 almost over? Seriously, I remember being a kid and hearing adults say: “Where does the time go? It just seems to fly by! Blink and another year is gone!” I thought they were totally nuts…until I became an adult and realized they were on to something! Anywho…

As a new year approaches, it seems everyone is looking at re-targeting their goals, whether that be health goals, academic goals, occupational goals or just overall life goals. This seems to be the time of year we work on improving ourselves, re-establishing our identity and making the most of this life we have. So, as you look towards improving yourself in 2019, are you really going to stick with the same goals?

Now hear me out, I am not saying striving towards goals is a bad thing. I am all for encouraging determination and focusing on your life goals. However, sometimes, our lives take an unexpected turn and we need to rethink, regroup and refocus. So, what do you want to do in 2019? Maybe instead of focusing on building your career and having more income, you could focus on giving your most precious gift to others: your time. Perhaps instead of feeling like a failure because you did not make it into your dream college, regroup and find a college that is right for you – one that will accept you into their program and help you thrive.

Maybe you are reading this after finding out you are pregnant and this was not a part of your plan. Oftentimes, the unexpected is what causes us to grow and learn more about ourselves. You are strong and you do not face this time alone. You have the full professional and medical staff of Your Options Medical on your side.

Whatever your goals and life aspirations, a new year is a great time to regain some focus and strive towards achievement of your goals. Just remember, if life takes an unexpected twist, you are strong enough to handle it. Remember, “a diamond is a lump of coal that did well under pressure”.

Happy (almost) 2019!

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