My Friend is Pregnant, How Can I Help?

unexpected pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can really rock your world no matter your age, education or relationship status. Having support is so essential! If you have a friend who is pregnant or thinks they might be pregnant, there are a few things you can do to be a source of support for your friend:

  1. Contact Your Options Medical to learn more about how we can help. You can also make an appointment on our website
  2. Be there. As humans, we all need human contact. We were made with this inherent desire for relationships with other people. When someone feels as though they are in a crisis, having someone just simply be there can be more helpful than you think. Whether it’s sitting on the floor not even saying a word, going with them to appointments or doing something fun to take their mind off the crisis, we need people. Just show up and be present; your friend will really appreciate it.
  3. If you’re like me, you want to help and you like to fix. But sometimes, people don’t want to be fixed. Sometimes, us ladies don’t want anyone to try to fix the problem for us. Instead, we just need someone to listen as we become vulnerable, pour our hearts out and vent our concerns.
  4. Just do something. Sometimes we offer help to our friends in the way of saying “Let me know if you need anything” and while this isn’t bad, sometimes our friends don’t know what they need. So just do something nice to make them smile: bring them a coffee or snack at work, send simple flowers to them, rent her favorite movie and drop it off to her house. Do something simple just to remind your friend you care.

It doesn’t take much to be a good friend: Show Up, Be Present, Listen, and Perform Simple Acts of Kindness. If your friend is facing an unexpected pregnancy, she will likely be in need of a lot of genuine support. Reminder her 1). She has time 2). You are there for her and she is not alone & 3). To just breathe.

If you or someone you know is facing an unexpected pregnancy,

make an appointment with Your Options Medical today. We are here to help!

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