Top Essential Oils to Keep Handy

essential oils

Essential Oils have been a big hype lately and it’s no surprise why. When just a few drops are known to relieve headaches, stress, flu symptoms and more, who wouldn’t want to invest in these products!? In this blog, I list some of the top most popular, useful essential oils that you should definitely try!

1. Eucalyptus

eucalyptus essential oil

Many of the essential oils are known to help relieve stress and Eucalyptus is one of them! In addition to this, it is also known to serve as a decongestant, meaning that is is very beneficial during the cold and flu season. It also works well to clear the mind. Every Fall and Spring, my allergies get so bad and cold symptoms usually hit me pretty hard. And even worse, these seasons are when I’m at school, flooded with work and assignments. So, if you’re like me, perhaps trying out this Eucalyptus essential oil will be in your favor!

2. Ginger

ginger essential oil

As you probably know, ginger is amazing for your digestive system, which basically means that the Ginger essential oil is a great digestive, as it helps relieve nausea, stomach pain and the like. It’s great to keep this oil stashed away in your cabinet or pantry, so when a day comes along where you are experiencing stomach pains, you’ll be prepared. 🙂

3. Lavender

lavendar essential oil

Lavender is a very popular essential oil. Deriving from the beautiful plant, this oil, in addition to reducing anxiety, is also known to heal cuts and burns and alleviate the annoying itch of an insect bite! A great one to have in the summertime when the bugs love to come out.

4. Lemon

lemon essential oil

AH! Nothing like a nice glass of sweet lemonade during the Summer. But the lemon essential oil comes pretty close, as it is said to enhances the immune system and uplift your mood! Now you can drink it and spread its scent around your home or work space!

5. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is known to be in bug repellents and candles designed to keep those buzzing pests away from us. But it also comes in the shape of an essential oil as well! Chase those bugs away with this handy oil!

6. Mandarin

mandarin essential oil

In addition to lemon, mandarins and oranges are quite possibly some of my favorite scents in the world. And it comes as an essential oil too! This oil is a great stress reliever, as well, and it also helps to calm you down, putting you more at ease in the midst of our busy schedules.]

7. Neroli

This oil tends to be ideal for pregnancy and delivery, as well as postpartum depression. It soothes and comforts and is a definite one to try out if you are currently expecting!

8. Peppermint

peppermint essential oil

Okay, add peppermint to some of my favorite scents as well. Nothing like peppermint hot chocolate to get you in the mood for the Christmas season! This is also a great way to relieve nausea and migraines.*

9. Roman chamomile

chamomile essential oil

(I just had to throw in the picture of the bunny in a field of chamomile flowers, because why not?) If you’re a tea drinker like myself, you might enjoy the occasional chamomile in the morning or before bed. The tea is known to soothe and relieve stress, which pretty much means the oil does the same thing! It’s a great stress-reliever and wonderful for those who struggle with insomnia. If you are struggling falling asleep or need a good stress-reliever without having to drink the tea, then try out this essential oil!

Well, there you have it! A list of some of the most popular essential oils for you to try out! If you want a more extensive list with more information, check out this website. These are a great way to treat yourself if you’re prone to any of the symptoms they’re known to relieve, or if you just enjoy nice-smelling things! Put a few drops in a bath or in an oil diffuser, or just rub a few drops on your hands!* You won’t be disappointed!

*Note: Everyone’s body chemistry is different and some oils need to be diluted and not placed directly on skin in full concentrate. Be sure to look into specific oils to see if they’re compatible for you.

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