I Think I’m Pregnant…Now What??

find out you are pregnant

When you first see that positive result on a pregnancy test your mind and emotions may be all over the place:

            “I didn’t want this!”                      

“I can’t afford a baby right now.”

            “I have to finish school.”             

“I don’t want to have HIS child.”

In the midst of chaos, confusion, whirling emotions and uncertainties we all need some structure. So what do you do now?


Just Breathe

You are a strong woman capable of far more than you even realize. You have time to work through all of your questions and concerns. Take time to breathe, cry, call a friend and then set up an appointment with Your Options Medical. This is a good first step if you think you may be pregnant. Even if you haven’t taken a pregnancy test, Your Options Medical can help you. If you or someone you know thinks they may be pregnant, here are the first steps to take:

  1. Call, text, or set up an appointment on the website with Your Options Medical.
  2. Go to the appointment to receive free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. The ultrasound will assess for miscarriage risk, determine viability, and determine how far along you are in the pregnancy and if the pregnancy is developing in the uterus.
  3. During the appointment you will also receive options counseling which will give you time to talk about your options, ask questions, and receive vital information.

There is time. Breathe, collect information, and work through this process. Sometimes life will take an unexpected turn; however, these unexpected detours can help us to grow and learn. Life is not just about the destinations, but the journey too.

You got this and Your Options Medical can help!

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