Domestic Violence Awareness Month: NO MORE

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October

October is a month to raise awareness for several causes: Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, Healthy Lung Month, Down Syndrome Awareness, and many more. While these are all worthy causes to raise awareness of, this month Your Options Medical has decided to focus on raising awareness on domestic violence. Far too many women have become victims, and we cannot pretend domestic violence does not exist. The truth is, this is a growing epidemic, and a light must be shed on the trends in order to break the cycle.

I have heard countless stories of women who have found themselves victims of domestic violence, and I believe I should use my voice to say, “NO MORE!” We cannot idly sit by while women continue to be abused. Not only are women being harmed, but men too have been victims of domestic violence.

domestic violence

You and I can help end this abuse!

1.    Look and Listen.

Watch out for some of the signs of domestic violence such as:

  • Excessive controlling of one’s partner
  • Constant bruising, scars, and other wounds
  • Obsession with pleasing partner
  • Fear of partner
  • Reluctance or fear of leaving children with partner
  • Partner pressures potential victim into physical intimacy

2.    Offer Help.

Some people think, “Why would she stay with such a creep? Why doesn’t she just leave?” There are many reasons why “just leaving” an abusive relationship is not always so easy. You can offer help for the victim to leave and be safe:

  • Contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline. If the victim’s phone or computer usage is closely monitored, contact the hotline for them and get help.
  • Contact Your Options Medical. If the victim may be pregnant, Your Options Medical can help. We can provide the first steps for someone who thinks they might be pregnant. We can also provide resources and help for victims of domestic violence if the victim is willing to accept the help.

Domestic violence is an issue in our country, and it is happening all around us. We cannot sit by and do nothing. If you suspect a case of domestic violence, contact a trusted source to find out how you can best offer help. We cannot be silent; we must act in order to #endit.

-Marissa, YOM Center Director

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