Celebrating Women – We Are For Women

women deserve the truth

Women are STRONG. Women are BEAUTIFUL. Women are WARRIORS. Women are HARD-WORKING. Women are COURAGEOUS. Women are KIND. Women are INTELLIGENT. Women deserve compassion and the truth.

At Your Options Medical, we serve women every day. We are for women. We know women deserve the truth. Your Options Medical exists to provide women with vital medical services as well as factual, comprehensive information because we know this is exactly what women deserve. Since ALL the services are free of charge and do not require insurance, we do not benefit financially from your visit OR your decision. Therefore, at Your Options Medical, you will not be viewed as a source of revenue. Instead, you are seen as the valuable woman you are.

One reason we women are so strong is due to incredible support received by those surround us: friends, colleagues, sisters, mothers, etc. In life, there are times we just need someone to listen. We want someone we can trust to listen with compassion and provide support. This is what you will find at Your Options Medical: support, compassion, and TRUTH!

You are NOT a number. You are NOT a source of revenue. You are a woman and you deserve the kind of care we offer at Your Options Medical.

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