Can He Come to the Appointment?

unexpected pregnancy support

question we hear often at Your Options Medical is, “Can my boyfriend come with

Our answer is a resounding YES!

We recognize that facing an unexpected pregnancy requires lots of support. If your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, etc. is a source of support for you, then we greatly encourage you to bring him to the appointment. If you are not in a trusted relationship with the father of the baby and he will not be there throughout the decision-making process, you are still welcome to bring a relative or friend.

At the time of the appointment, our staff will always
meet with the patient one-on-one to begin the appointment. From there, the
patient can allow their guest to be with them either during the pregnancy
testing results, options counseling or ultrasound – or all of the above. The
patient determines who can come in with them during their appointment and what
information our staff allowed to give while their guest is in the room.

If you or your friend think you might be pregnant, contact Your Options Medical today!

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